Silagra 100 mg

Sex in bed – it’s definitely comfortable, but over time it becomes boring. If a couple wants some changes in their intimate life, it is necessary to know that Silagra is a most amazing drug for spontaneous sex.

1. Dressing room in the store of the shopping center

Silagra 100 mg is a favorite medication for those who start experimenting with thrills. There are a lot of people there, so t is better to find a room with a latch, but many extremes, on the contrary, choose the curtain.

2. Loggia

This place is perfect for sex, but only if not very open to others. Lovers don’t even have to leave the house when buy Silagra online. It is enough to put some couch.

3. Elevator

You can stop the elevator, and make love while the neighbors will think that it is broken. The main thing, really, that the elevator should not break from unexpected movements.

4. Office

There will be an opportunity to test the strength of office furniture and office equipment. Such kind of lunch break is much more useful than the absorption of harmful food.

5. Plane

Are you planning on going on vacation? Why waste time, especially if you have a loved one next to you. Plane’s toilet quite suitable for extreme sex.

6. Train

If there are no neighbors, do it! Romantic atmosphere, moving wagon, and pleasant sensations will be guaranteed with Silagra at low cost.

7. Cinema

It is necessary to go to the cinema for late sessions, as well as choose places for kisses. More to complement the atmosphere of the film with erotic scenes.

8. Dressing room in a restaurant or nightclub

In any entertainment establishment, you can have fun with your girlfriend in the toilet. The only thing to remember is that the cabin can not be occupied for a long time. For example, in the club, it is better to have sex in the morning, as there are fewer people.

9. Party

It is very easy to get away secretly during a party. At the same time, there are a lot of places for this. It can be a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, and anything that wants a sexual fantasy. But not to become a YouTube hero, provide a place for sex closed on the latch.

10. Hotel It is not a common option, as it may seem at first look

Visit unfamiliar city, take off the room for newlyweds with rose petals, champagne, etc. Enjoy unrestrained sex a few days away.