Yorktown vs Greenfield Central (Football)

Yorktown vs Greenfield Central (Football)

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It was a heartbreaking end to Friday’s game as Yorktown fell to Greenfield Central 14-13. A deflection off a Yorktown defender turned into not a pass defense but a prayer answered for Greenfield Central. A loss is a loss. No one play defines a loss. But it this case, as well as a struggling Yorktown defense played. The way the clock was controlled. How it seemed Yorktown was one step ahead the whole game, it was once again a loss on their 2015 record.

In defeat, there was positives. The Yorktown defense was fantastic. Sure the weather may have limited the Greenfield Central game plan. But what was seen was a physical defense outmatched a physical offense. Coach Mike Wilhelm saw the “nasty” (his words) that he wanted. A large part of the defensive solution was thanks to the return of ILB Peyton Stites. In his first game back from injury, he played fast and physical. The impact of his return was immediate on the first drive where he had a couple of tackles. Coach Wilhelm says he’s the leader of the defense. He played that way.

At the end of the day it was still a loss. Brogan Miller continued to look uncomfortable. The running game was spotty. Surprisingly, the offense line was controlled by the Greenfield Central defense. So what is taken away from this game? I argue the positive. For one week, you solved your defensive weakness. Anthony Todd up front will play with skill. Yorktown will recover. It’s 4 out of their last 5 ending in defeat. But Yorktown should look up. That style of defensive tenancy and a strong down hill running game CAN mean success in the tournament. The key? All three aspects have to be good at once. That’s the challenge. Will they, is the question needing answered. We will find out soon enough.

This week we have McCutcheon at Muncie Central on 102.9 FM 1340 AM and WXFN.com! Join Mark Foerster and Cliff Johnson for all the action this year.


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