Muncie Central vs. Arsenal Tech (Football)

Muncie Central vs. Arsenal Tech (Football)

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On Friday night, Muncie Central showed just how far they had come. The Bearcats held a 16-0 lead at halftime only to trail 30-24 with four minutes to play to Arsenal Tech. Instead of panicking and throwing each play, they decided to give it to their work horse, Andre Wells. Maybe they didn’t expect to score as quickly as a 90 yard touchdown on the first play of the drive, but the important part was they gave the ball to their best player. Muncie Central prevailed 31-30 to improve to 3-2 on the year. It wasn’t the best game the Bearcats played all year, but it still resulted in a win.

What else did we learn? Well…Andre Wells is pretty good. On a night where he was hampered by injury, Wells still went fro 200 yards and the game winning score. Coach Adam Morris told us his vision as a running back has improved. Especially without that breakaway speed on Friday, you could see his improvement. Last year Wells was largely used as a fullback. He never saw feature back carries until this year. It doesn’t matter if he goes for 100 or 200 yards, every game there is something he does each game that makes you go wow. There are few better backs in the state this year. Bold statement, yes, but some Central Indiana schools would love to have Wells as their go to runner.

Coach Morris made a point of telling us are improved this defense is. In the waning moments of a game, they stepped up. Gerald Garret and Arsenal Tech were driving for the winning score with three minutes to play when Brent Sharp and Lorenzo Reyes spoiled a near Arsenal Tech victory. Tech was at their own 43 moving comfortably when Lorenzo Reyes had a massive tackle for loss on running back Chris Young on 1st down. After great coverage down field on 2nd down caused loss of yardage, Arsenal Tech faced a 3rd and 13 when Brent Sharp got around the edge and planted Garret to the ground for his second sack of the game. That series alone proved the proclamation from Coach Morris. Pass rush, run control, and coverage were evident on three straight plays.

Adversity. Every team goes through it. I would think coaches would prefer to go through it earlier rather than later. Muncie Central experienced it on Friday and prevailed. Sure it’s a cliché. Being battle tested helps more than a casual fan might think. With Andre Wells and an explosive offense, a much improved defense, and fan support Muncie Central will be a dangerous team come October 23rd (sectional play).


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