Yorktown vs Wapahani-Matchup 2

Yorktown vs Wapahani-Matchup 2

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Of he three area teams we cover, there is one difference about the Yorktown Tigers. That is experience. Yes, Muncie Central and Delta have seniors but not like Yorktown. On their roster is eight seniors, five of which start. Between those five seniors, they have over 50 varsity levels between all the sports they play. This senior class for Yorktown is historic.

The game itself took a backseat to senior night. 67 to 30 was the win for Yorktown over Wapahani. It was a 27-10 Yorktown at the half but it would get worse. Yorktown opened up the 3rd quarter with a 15-0 run on Wapahani. Carson Moore had 9 of those 15 points with three straight triples. Four players were in double figures for the Tigers. There was no way better to perform on senior night.

The most impressive part of the night? That was the reaction when each starter checked out of the game for a sub. There was no emotion on their faces. Why you ask? Their asperations are much bigger than having another 15-win season. They want to make a run in the tournament. With the five starters this team has, they have all the fire-power needed in order to do just that.


(Highlights below)

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