New Palestine at Delta-High School Basketball

New Palestine at Delta-High School Basketball

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For a team still trying to find their way, this could have been a big boost. Still Delta could not make the necessary plays down the stretch to get the victory. They fell 61 to 48 against the New Palestine Dragons. While the regular season barely matters in high school basketball, wins against a quality opponent, such as New Pal, can do wonders for a young team. It’s easy to say they let this one slip away but you don’t want to take away from some of the positives that were seen.

In the first half, both teams went back and forth taking the lead from one another. The scoring is one thing, but I want to reference the first quarter. Delta led 15 to 13 after the first. Now, your eyes quickly go to score and say “Wow! Delta outscored the lethal offense of New Palestine.” However look at it from a different angle. The defense controlled one of the best offenses they had seen all year long. Coach VanSkyock preaches about how high their ceiling is on defense. They showed that for the majority of this game.

If Delta were to make a late season push, they need the production from their two scoring guards (Kameron Slaven and Tanner Lambert). They combined to score 37 of the 48 points for the Eagles. It has been rare this season to see both be on their offensive game at the same time. That’s the key for Delta because both are very capable scorers. So, in conclusion, while Delta lost again, there was a lot to take away from this game in a positive manner.

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