Delaware County Championship-Yorktown vs Delta

Delaware County Championship-Yorktown vs Delta

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How could you have scripted a better game? A championship game back and forth all the way down to its last possession? Sounds like a basketball fan’s dream. It was! Yorktown won the 2015 Delaware County Tournament Championship on Saturday 58 to 55 over rival Delta. The experience of an all senior lineup proved to be the difference. The post threat of Riley Neal, shooting of Caleb Morey, and driving ability of Riley Miller were the key…or were they? I argue defense was the key. Both Morey and Miller had huge steals in the waning moments of the game. Neal stifled the two low post threats of Delta. Yes, offense is flashy while defense is not. However, on this night defense was flashy and the difference. This was a long time coming for a group of student athletes who are friends off the court and brother on the court. They played that way on Saturday night.

What does this mean going forward? Well, it means something for both schools. For Yorktown it was vindication. It was assurance that they are the best in the county. For Delta, it showed them how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time. Both of these teams have bright futures ahead the rest of the season. For Yorktown this can’t be the calling card of this season. They have to move on and understand there is basketball left to be played. There are bigger goals at hand. For Delta, they showed they can compete with the best. Now it’s time to prove it the rest of the season. They were a couple turnovers away from a championship themselves. If Saturday was any indication, this area’s basketball going forward it going to be phenomenal. (And we haven’t even mentioned Muncie Central)





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