Muncie Central at Anderson

Muncie Central at Anderson

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An emotional, altercation scarred game ended with the same feeling that was felt at the 3:41 point of the 3rd quarter…disappointment. The Bearcats fell 58-51 to the once winless Anderson Indians. A game that will be remembered for it’s off the court situation, will sting as a loss for Coach Holloway and his squad. It dropped Muncie Central to 2-4 on the season.

I don’t want to focus too much on the altercation in the third quarter, except to say two things. 1) It’s unfortunate that the game wasn’t the star on Friday night. The actions of a few individuals took away from a rejuvenated Muncie Central vs. Anderson rivalry. The rivalry should have been played on the floor not in the stands. It should have been excitement in that respect. 2) In disappointment, there were some positives. The sportsmanship that both teams showed post-altercation was phenomenal. After both teams took the floor again and before action was resumed, both teams embraced each other at mid-court with hugs and handshakes. This drew a standing ovation from the entire gym. While you never want something to happen like that EVER, the way it was handled and the players responded was admirable.

It was a laundry list of issues that led to defeat at Anderson yet each game this team begins to come together more and more. The Bearcats had 3 more turnovers than their opponent, allowed 37 free throw attempts to just their 11, and shot a mere 35% in the game. The positives? Marcus Dukes had his third straight double digit scoring output (had none through the first 3 games). Sometimes during the season you need games like this. In Muncie Central’s case, this will make them stronger.

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